Personal Training


The dead lift is the boss of strength building lifts!

The dead lift is the boss of strength building lifts!

It's my belief that strength is the foundation that most activities are built around, this could mean squatting a personal best in the gym or picking up your child without suffering back pain. Being strong does not mean being a "meat head" but rather being able to comfortably perform physical tasks in a safe and consistent  manor.

Through refining technique and creating a solid plan I can help anyone increase their strength be it with weights or body weight, all I need from you is consistency  and a little bit of time.   

Weight management 

 Weight management can mean different things to different people, this is why I approach each clients goals individually. Its all very well putting everyone on a caloric deficit and scheduling 5 HIIT classes a week but if it's not right for you, you could be suffering for very little reward! 

Not everyone needs to be in a specific shape for their jobs but lots of people could benefit from learning how to control their weight through exercise and a better understanding of food. I have helped people of all shapes, ages and sizes either lose unwanted pounds or gain healthy weight over a sensible amount of time. I'm afraid there are no 4 week super transformation packages's here, I pride myself on on giving the training and education that will last a lifetime.