Weight management 


Weight management can mean different things to different people, this is why I approach each clients goals individually. Its all very well putting everyone on a caloric deficit and scheduling 5 HIIT classes a week but if it's not right for you, you could be suffering for very little reward! 

Not everyone needs to be in a specific shape for their jobs but lots of people could benefit from learning how to control their weight through exercise and a better understanding of food. I have helped people of all shapes, ages and sizes either lose unwanted pounds or gain healthy weight over a sensible amount of time. I'm afraid there are no 4 week super transformation packages's here, I pride myself on on giving the training and education that will last a lifetime.


As previously mentioned, I work along side a registered sports nutritionist, this allows me more time to focus on the physical aspect of training. However I am in constant contact with my nutritionists and will have regular meetings to ensure the training and nutrition are working together. 



In my career as a Personal Trainer I have worked with many professionals that need to be in very specif shapes for their jobs, for this I work along side registered sports nutritionists to ensure a healthy balance is maintained between exercise and food.  High end fashion models, pop stars  and actors have benefited from regular training and nutrition advice.